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Private tuition by the hour


Private tuition by the hour

Prefer the personal approach? Can’t spare the time for a regular class? Need advice on a particular topic?

Why not arrange an hour or so of private tuition to get you back on track?

Work on improving a particular sewing technique or learn how to perfect the fit of your favourite pattern.

Hourly rate £50.00.  Half day session £135.00

£40.00 each per hour if two students share.  ( £120.00 each for a half day session.)

Please complete the contact form to make your booking enquiry and arrange your appointment slot.

Tuesday afternoons by appointment £50 per hour or £135 for a three hour slot.


One to one tuition by the hour
 Bookings Policy

There is a £10.00 administration charge for booking cancellations up to seven days before start date. We are unable to refund fees for cancelled bookings after this time, however a transfer can be arranged which incurs a £30.00 surcharge.
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