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General Tips and Techniques

Vilene products fusing instruction

Vilene Woven Interlinings G785/G740 Treat these as you would fabric by following the grain when cutting out. I generally work with the adhesive side to the inside. Fusing advice 1. Set iron on cotton setting, using a press cloth or […]

Choosing the correct pattern size

Pattern Diagnosis – taking the mystery out of pattern sizes Below is a typical body measurement chart found on the back of a pattern envelope. Size 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 Bust 30½ 31 ½ […]

Top Tips

Make your cutting more efficient for simple lined garments by stacking the fabric on top of the lining and cutting as one.Minor differences to the lining such as the shortening of hems can be traced via carbon paper and tracing […]

Aligning Grain

Grain Alignment. To straighten the grain before cutting your woven fabric Snip into the selvedge, that’s the firmer edge of the fabric. Pull a thread across the weft, that’s the width of the fabric, so that it draws up. Cut […]