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Sewing Techniques

Designed to Fit Scalloped Apron

The latest addition to our ‘Covid 19 warrior projects’ is this cute little scalloped apron, cleverly designed to fit the feminine figure, whatever your shape or size. Other projects have included our ‘fitted face mask’,  ‘reversible peg bag’,  ‘circular bag project’, ‘simple six […]

Six pocket appliqué bag with flap

The latest addition to our ‘Covid 19 warrior projects’ is this decorative appliqué bag, building on the skills acquired from our previous projects of the bag. We will also cover adding a flap to the bag and a magnetic clasp […]

Zip guard application

A zip guard does as the name suggests, guards against a blouse or undergarment getting trapped in the zip when closing. It also serves to neaten a waistband underlap providing a professional finish.               […]

Pocket making tip

When making pockets, place a pin at each end of the pocket mouth between the last stitch on each side. This is to safeguard against cutting too far! Use a fabric sealant such as ‘fray check’ before cutting, on fabrics […]

Fly Zip Insertion Made Simple

Illustrated by Liz Rugman Fly zip insertion can appear complicated at first glance. All those layers and twists and turns. Heres a method Ive devised that takes away the stress, leaving you free to get on with the assembly details! […]

Foolproof Invisible Zip Insertion

Foolproof invisible zip insertion Invisible zips are a wonderful invention and with a little know-how are incredibly simple to insert. Follow the step by step guide and illustrations and see how easy it is! Working from the wrong side, mark […]

Clothing Alterations – professionally

Sometimes it’s necessary to alter existing clothes for a better fit. Here Janet Moville provides some professional tips for the most common alterations Trousers and Skirts – Hem Allowances Let down existing hem if necessary before marking new hemline. Allow […]

Three steps to trouser re-shaping

Trouser fashion shapes change with current trends, the latest being the ‘skinny black pant’. Unfortunately, fashionable shapes don’t suit every figure so knowledge of how to change these to a style of your choice is very valuable. Here’s how to […]

Bodice Embellishment

Turn a simple plain top or dress into something unique by adding some decorative elements to the fabric before you cut out the pieces for a fitted bodice and create a stylish ‘one-of-a-kind’ garment. Some sewing experience required. Method Cut […]

Decorative insets and piped edges

Inserting a decorative inset into pocket flaps, collars and cuffs adds a designer touch to a garment which is further enhanced by piping the edges. Here we provide the step-by-step techniques. Preparation Use general purpose sewing thread for seaming and […]

Dress Shields

What are they? They are small shaped pads, primarily made out of pure cotton that fit over the underarm seam of sleeved dresses. The purpose is two-fold; firstly to increase comfort, providing a smooth cushion under the arm, followed by […]