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Working with Stretch Fabrics

Machining buttonholes on knits

Machine-stitched Buttonholes on Knits Prevent buttonholes from stretching out of shape on knitted garments by using two strands of thread to gimp the buttonhole – the garment thread is ideal, as this will match well. Wrap the strands around the […]

Stabilising buttonholes on knits

Using Solufleece Vilene Solufleece is water soluble fabric used in machine embroidery. Use it to mark out and stabilise buttonholes on knits as well as textured fabrics like Linton Tweeds or busy patterns that are difficult to mark. You’ll be […]

Make a cardigan from a stretch top pattern

Make a matching cardigan from a stretch knit top pattern. Cut the front to an edge rather than a fold. Make a paper template with a lower neckline and use this to cut away the surplus fabric. Cut a band […]